Which Swiss Breads Are in My New Book?

Brot Huusgmacht

Perhaps you’ve been wondering which 42 breads I selected for my Swiss Bread book? With over 200 breads to choose from in Switzerland, it wasn’t easy for me to decide!

pain de seigle

For your review, in case you might be interested, here’s a list of all the recipes in my book. In addition to these recipes, you can read the stories behind each of these breads. The images below are mine, but the book contains beautiful photographs from Dorian Rollin with food styling by Camille Stoos.

I. National Breads

1. Zopf / Tresse / Treccia

2. Bauernbrot / Pain Paysan / Pain Paesano

3. Weggli / Petits Pains au Lait / Panini al Latte

4. 1.-August-Weggen / Petits Pains du 1er Août / Panino del 1° Agosto

5. Silserli / Petits Pains de Sils / Pane Sils

6. Dreikönigskuchen / Couronne des Rois / Corona dei re Magi

7. Grittibänz / Bonhomme de Pâte / Ometto di Pasta

II: Cantonal Breads

8. Baslerbrot (Basel)

9. Sensler Rua-Brot (Fribourg)

10. Bündner Roggenringbrot (Graubünden)

11. Pain Jurassien (Jura)

12. Luzernerbrot (Luzern)

13. Pain Neuchâtelois (Neuchâtel)

14. St. Galler Brot (St. Gallen)

15. Kopfbrot (Zug & Schwyz)

16. Pane Ticinese (Ticino)

17. Pain de Seigle / Roggenbrot (Valais)

18. Pain Vaudois à la Croix (Vaud)

19. Zürcherbrot (Zürich)

III: Savory Regional Breads and Yeasted Cakes

20. Pfilenbrot (Appenzell)

21. Fastenwähe (Basel)

22. Agatha-Brötli (Fribourg)

23. Gâteau du Vully (Fribourg)

24. Totché (Jura)

25. Pain au noix (Neuchâtel)

26. Thurgauer Böllewegge (Thurgau)

27. St. Galler Bürli  (St. Gallen)

28. Türggenbrot (St. Gallen)

29. Pane Valle Maggia (Ticino)

IV: Sweet Regional Breads and Yeasted Cakes

30. Hefegugelhopf (Basel)

31. Meitli-Sonntag Ring (Aargau)

32. Biberfladen (Appenzell)

33. Baked Zigerkrapfen (Central Switzerland)

34. Mini-Cuchaule (Fribourg)

35. Ankenzelte (Glarus)

36. Bütschella (Graubünden)

37. Taillaule Neuchâteloise (Neuchâtel)

38. Taillé de Goumoëns (Vaud)

39. Cressin (Valais)

40. Magenbrot (throughout Switzerland, but more common in German-speaking regions)

41. Birnbrot (Graunbünden, but also found in Glarus and St. Gallen)

42. Fiàscia (Ticino)

As a reminder, I wrote Swiss Bread in English, and my publisher, Helvetiq, translated it into French (Pains Maison) and German (Brot Huusgmacht).

If you have any questions, or suggestions for additional Swiss breads I should write about, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Thanks!

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