I’ve written two Swiss cookbooks with recipes inspired by my experiences cooking, baking and traveling in Switzerland for over a decade. They are: Swiss Bread (2020) and Sweet + Swiss (2022).

The recipes in these Swiss cookbooks represent my interpretation of classic Swiss breads and desserts. I wrote them in English (my native language), but they’re also available in German and French. It’s my sincere hope that you’ll find AT LEAST one recipe in my books that you’ll continue to make again and again!

Where to buy my Swiss cookbooks:

In Switzerland – You can purchase them online via Helvetiq (in English, German or French). They are also available a number of Swiss bookstores, such as Payot or Orell Füssli.

In the US – Find out where to buy Sweet + Swiss and Swiss Bread via Helvetiq USA.

International ordersBergli Books ships Sweet + Swiss and Swiss Bread (English versions only) internationally.

In addition, Vachement Suisse will ship the English and French versions of Sweet + Swiss and Swiss Bread to destinations throughout the world. This small business is owned by Sarah de Rivaz, an American who now calls Switzerland home.

You can also find Swiss Bread and Sweet + Swiss via Amazon (Please note: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases).

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Sweet + Swiss (2022)

Swiss Gourmet Book Award Winner 2023 – Gold Category for Dessert / Pâtisserie

My second cookbook, Sweet + Swiss, presents a collection of 45 sweet recipes from across Switzerland. Just like in Swiss Bread, I’ve written about some of the stories and traditions behind them. Designed for home cooks, these recipes provide instructions for quick afternoon snacks or more complex desserts for special occasions. You’ll also discover five recipes from five talented chefs working at Swiss restaurants. These establishment range from an alpine hotel to a Michelin-starred dining experience.

Furthermore, Sweet + Swiss takes you on a culinary voyage of Switzerland, with dozens of stunning color photographs, once again, from Dorian Rollin. More than a cookbook, it also serves as a guidebook of regional and national Swiss desserts and where to find them. You can use this book to not only inspire your next weekend baking project, but also to taste these desserts yourself in bakeries and restaurants throughout the country.

Zuckersüsse Schweiz, the German language version of Sweet + Swiss, earned the Gold award for Dessert / Pâtisserie at the 2023 Swiss Gourmet Book Award ceremony held Zürich. 

ISBN: 978-3-907293-68-3
Pages: 240
Sources and References: Downloadable PDF
Dimensions: 17.5 x 24.5 cm

Swiss Bread (2020)

My first cookbook contains 42 recipes for delicious Swiss breads from around the country. I’ve also included some of the stories behind them — who invented them, their history, my personal experiences and more.

Here’s what else you’ll find in this book:

  • Dozens of incredible images of my homemade breads from photographer Dorian Rollin with food styling by Camille Stoos.
  • Profiles of 5 artisanal Swiss bakeries from Switzerland’s different linguistic regions.
  • My bread-baking tips and tricks, including my favorite tools and an easy recipe for a sourdough starter.
  • Background information on Switzerland’s bread cultureflour types and more, such as where the oldest preserved bread was found.

“Qui aurait cru qu’un livre sur les traditions boulangères helvétiques serait écrit par une Américaine? Elle s’appelle Heddi Nieuwsma et connaît les pains suisses comme peu d’Helvètes.”

Marie Claire Suisse, March 2021

“…découvrez un livre superbe et très bien illustré qui présente la culture boulangère de certaines régions mais aussi le matériel, les ingrédients et les bases techniques pour se mettre en cuisine.”

GaultMillau Suisse, October 2020

ISBN: 978-2-940481-79-8
Pages: 336
Sources and References: Downloadable PDF
Dimensions: 17.5 x 24.5 cm

Updated: July 31, 2023