Discover St. Gallen Wine at the Haus des Weins

Would you like to know more about St. Gallen wine and its winemakers? In the village of Berneck, nestled in one of St. Gallen’s largest winemaking regions, you’ll find the Haus des Weins. An award-winning architectural project, this center for wines for the canton of St. Gallen officially opened its doors in 2018. Located about 30 minutes by car from the city of St. Gallen, it houses a collection from 19 local winemakers.

St. Gallen wine

Award-Winning Architecture

A project by Carlos Martinez Architekten, the Haus des Weins combines modern, concrete construction with a portion of an existing farmhouse. This innovative design earned an international Iconic Award for architecture in 2019.

Haus des Weins
Combining old with new architecture: Haus des Weins.

Inside the building, you’ll find three primary components: the wine cellar (up to 30 people), the main lounge and event hall (up to 80 people) and a conference room (up to 12 people). These spaces provide opportunities for various events, such as wine tastings, catered meals, meetings and family gatherings, etc.). The goal is to support and showcase local wine and gastronomy.

St. Gallen Wine: A Propensity for Red

The cozy cellar at the Haus des Weins features wines from three regions of St. Gallen: Upper Lake Zurich, Rhine Valley and Sarganserland. It has about 80 different wines to choose from for tasting and for purchase.

The wine cellar at the Haus des Weins
Around 80 different wines from St. Gallen in the cellar at Haus des Weins.

More than half of the wine produced in the canton of St. Gallen is Pinot Noir (Blauburgunder). During my visit, I sampled a glass of Pinot Noir from Weingut Gozen in Sargans. Our hosts served it with tortilla chips made from Rheintaler Ribelmais, an heirloom variety of corn grown in Switzerland.

In terms of white wine, you might want to one made with the Müller-Thurgau grape variety, often referred to as a Riesling-Silvaner or Rivaner.

When to plan your visit:

The Haus des Weins typically opens its wine cellar to the public on Saturdays from 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. However, due to the pandemic, you must make a reservation for an appointment to purchase St. Gallen wine on site by sending an email to:

St. Gallen wine delivered to you:

For residents of Switzerland, the Haus des Weins has several St. Gallen wine packages to choose from that they can send directly to you. Prices range from CHF 60 – 130, shipping not included.

Haus des Weins
The event hall at the Haus des Weins can be rented for various private events.

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  1. I would like to visit there. I’m interested in Swiss wine and it’s hard to get here. We had a friend (sadly dead now) whose family were winegrowers near to the French border and Lake Geneva.

    • Hi Stella, Thanks for your message. Only a small percentage of Swiss wine gets exported, which I’m sure you already knew. I still have so much to learn about Swiss wine, including the wine made in the canton of Geneva! Let’s hope we can all travel again soon to these beautiful regions. Best wishes, and have a good week. -Heddi

  2. There is also a nice wine trail above the village of Berneck with a nice view on the Rhine valley and I recommend the Gasthaus Ochsen for a nice meal (on the terrace if the weather is fine)

    • Oh, that sounds lovely! I was there for a short visit with a group and didn’t get the chance to explore beyond the Haus des Weins. I hope to return to this region (perhaps this summer??), and this wine trail and restaurant would be perfect. Thank you very much for suggesting this!!

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