Top 5 Swiss Beers for Summer

Looking for a great summer beer in Switzerland? With the growing number of Swiss breweries, I decided to sample a selection of beers to discover my current favorites (a difficult task, I know!). Based on my unscientific research, here are five of my top picks for summertime beers in Switzerland, in no particular order (Please note: To be honest, I typically prefer what’s referred to as “lawnmower beer,” so the following list reflects my preference for more blonde or lager-style beers).

1. Namur Express from La Nébuleuse

Beer: Namur Express
: La Nébuleuse
Location: Lausanne

My husband initially picked up a few bottles of Namur Express at Mise en bière, when we were in Lausanne to check out an art exhibition. Back at home, I liked the taste of it right away. Then, I found this same Belgian-style beer from Nébuleuse on the menu when I attended a beer and cheese event at Les Mangeurs in Geneva, with a fascinating talk given by Alessandra Roversi. I still really liked it the second time, this time paired with a soft, raw milk cheese.

2. Blond from Unser Bier

unser bier

Beer: Sommerbier
Type: Organic blonde
Brewery: Unser Bier
Location: Basel

I first tried Unser Bier’s Blonde at an outdoor party this summer and thought it was great. It’s a blonde beer with a greater depth of flavor. Even my husband likes it (he prefers darker and/or hoppy-style beers). Of the five beers listed here, it’s the only one made with bio (organic) ingredients. Please note: Unser Bier has also brewed a Sommerbier made with elderflowers that I hope to try soon!

3. Quöllfrisch – Hell from Brauerei Locher

quollfrisch 2180x2269.12
Beer: Quöllfrisch – Hell
Type: Lager
Brewery: Brauerei Locher AG
Location: Appenzell

If you’re drinking beer in Switzerland, it’s likely you’ve already tried a cold, refreshing can or bottle of Quöllfrisch. This blonde beer from Appenzell is perfect on a hot day when you’re grilling with friends, for example. Another bonus is unlike some of my other picks, you can easily find this beer throughout Switzerland. The brewery that makes this beer was founded in 1886.

4. Blanche-Wiener from Père Jakob


Beer: Blanche-Wiener
Type: White with Vienna malt
Brewery: Père Jakob
Location: Soral

A white beer bottled in April by Père Jakob was also served as part of the beer and cheese event I attended at Les Mangeurs. It was the first beer of the night, poured from a growler with a distinct shape. The brewery’s new location in Soral will also house a maltster using grain from a local farmers’ cooperative.

5. La Verte from La Vouivre

La Vouivre

Beer: La Verte
Type: Amber
Brewery: La Vouivre
Location: Cortaillod

For a darker beer with a milder flavor, I enjoyed La Vouivre (The Sorceress) with the green label. This brewery doesn’t give its beer names. Instead, you identify the beer by the color of the label. The brewery just held a party last month to celebrate its new facility.

What are your favorite summer beers in Switzerland? Do you agree with my picks? If you have other recommendations to share, please don’t be shy. Leave a comment below or send me an email. Many thanks!

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