Discover the Regional Cuisine of Graubünden in Davos Klosters

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Train views… Entering the Davos Klosters communities of Graubünden.

When you hear about the Davos Klosters communities of Switzerland, you may automatically think about the World Economic Forum, which hosts its annual meeting there every January. Known for its history of winter sports, Davos holds the title of the highest town in Europe. Nearby, the ski resort town of Klosters with its wooden chalets has more of a family-friendly atmosphere. Over the years, it has become known as a popular vacation spot for American celebrities, as well as members of the British Royal Family.

During your visit to these well-known Swiss towns in the canton of Graubünden, you also have the chance to discover some of this region’s culinary specialties. As a participant of Switzerland Tourism’s Influencer Summit 2019, I had the chance to learn about five different places you should visit in Davos Klosters. These include Switzerland’s highest brewery and a restaurant with one of the best blueberry cakes I’ve ever tasted.

A Farm Shop in the Sertig Valley

About 15 minutes by car from Davos, you will reach the farm of Monika and Nik Conrad. In the tranquil Sertig Valley, where cows graze on green mountain pastures, they have a small hoflädeli (farm shop). In this shop, you can purchase cheese, dried meat, fruit jams, baked goods, liqueurs and more.

Conrad’s Hoflädeli in Davos Sertig, Switzerland.
Monika Conrad showing us two liqueurs available in her farm shop: Arven Gold, made from a Swiss pine tree, and Röteli, a cherry liqueur that’s unique to Graubünden.

At this picturesque location, you can also organize events with friends and family, such as an aperitif with food and drinks. The night before our visit, for example, the Conrad’s had hosted a wedding party. On their farm, they also have a 2-bedroom apartment available for vacation rentals.

The Sertig Valley, where the Conrad’s farm is located.
Canapés with Bündner Rohschinken and Bündnerfleisch, Graubünden specialties.

The farm shop is open Monday through Saturday, from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Monika & Nik Conrad, Sertigerstrasse 13, 7272 Davos Sertig, +41 (0)81 413 61 75,

Switzerland’s Highest Brewery is in Monstein

With the highest brewery in Switzerland, the small mountain village of Monstein has been described as “the last beer stop before heaven.” Situated at over 1,500 meters (5,000 feet) above sea level and about 20 minutes by car from Davos, BierVision Monstein was founded in 2000 and moved to its current site one year later. Housed in the former town dairy, this brewery produces its range of Monsteiner beers.

BierVision Monstein – the highest brewery in Switzerland.

Whenever possible, the brewery tries to use local ingredients, such as barley from Graubünden and hops from Solothurn. It also works with local producers to make meat and cheese, using leftover ingredients from the brewing process.

Monsteiner Wätterguoge, an amber beer in the room where bottles are filled and labeled.

Monsteiner beers contain fresh mountain spring water, which adds to their appeal. The brewery also has a few certified organic beers, including its SteinBock and Mungga beers.

Fresh mountain water from a fountain across the street from the brewery in Monstein.

On Friday evenings, the brewery opens for tastings, or you can schedule a tour and tasting at another day and time for groups of at least 10 people.

BierVision Monstein AG, Hauptstrasse 367278 Davos Monstein, +41 (0)81 420 30 60, 

Monstein Also Has One of Switzerland’s Best Blueberry Cakes

After our tour of the brewery, we walked up the street toward the Veltlinerstübli, one of only two restaurants in Monstein. Corinna and Georg Flury, whose ancestors first took over the restaurant in 1850, currently manage this historic property. It has been serving guests for about 300 years. The name of the restaurant combines the words “veltliner,” a type of wine, and “stübli,” a wood-paneled dining room for hosting guests.

Restaurant Veltlinerstübli, the original part of this building dates back to 1717.

The menu at Restaurant Veltlinerstübli includes Swiss dishes like potato rösti and pizokels, a specialty of Graubünden that resembles spätzli. In the cozy dining room, you’ll receive hearty dishes from the region, made fresh and with an emphasis on local and seasonal ingredients. You can also order a cold glass of Monsteiner beer, made at brewery down the street.

The cozy, wood-paneled dining room at the Restaurant Veltlinerstübli.

When you go to the Restaurant Veltlinerstübli, which has both indoor and outdoor seating, I highly recommend you have a slice of the blueberry cake. Mr. Flury, who trained as a pastry chef in Davos, uses wild blueberries for this dessert. The fresh blueberry filling is encased in a delicate pastry that’s topped with a dollop of whipped cream and a dusting of powdered sugar. You simply must try this cake.

One of the best blueberry cakes I’ve ever had in Switzerland.

During the summer season, the restaurant is open Tuesday through Sunday, from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.

Restaurant Veltlinerstübli, Hauptstrasse 25, 7278 Davos Monstein, +41 (0)81 401 11 52,

Graubünden’s Famous Walnut Tart in Davos

I had always wanted to try making my own Bündner Nusstorte – that famous caramelized walnut tart surrounded by shortcrust pastry. For the Influencer Summit, Davos Klosters Tourism organized a special visit to Schneider’s Davos, and I finally got this opportunity. Schneider’s coffee house and bakery originally opened in 1915, and this company continues to make bread, pastries and chocolates for the Davos Klosters communities.

Bündner Nusstorte from Schneider’s Davos

In the bakery, Matthias Heller of Schneider’s Davos walked us through each of the steps to produce this regional specialty: making the caramel, preparing the dough and assembling the tart.

Matthias Heller from Schneider’s Davos teaching us how to make a Nusstorte.
All filled and ready for the top layer of pastry and decoration.

I decorated my Nusstorte with an ibex (capricorn), the symbol of Graubünden. These sweet, solid tarts are made to last, so I transported it back home to my family. I think the best way to serve this tart is with a strong cup of coffee or tea.

I helped make this Bündner Nusstorte, thanks to Schneider’s Davos.

While Schneider’s Davos does not currently offer Nusstorte classes to the public, you can buy one instead or sign up for one of its chocolate making courses.

Bäckerei Konditorei Schneider’s, Promenade 68, 7270 Davos Platz, +41 (0)81 420 00 00,

A Small-Scale Regional Butcher in Klosters

Fleischzentrum in Klosters Dorf is a small-scale meat processing plant and butcher. Focused on animal welfare, traditional methods and nose-to-tail production, this company started in 2014. Director Sam Helbling gave us a tour of their operations and the chance to sample some of their products.

Director Samuel Helbling in the slaughtering room at Fleischzentrum Klosters Davos.

With meat specialties from Graubünden, like Salsiz (an air-dried sausage, often made with pork and beef) and Bündnerfleisch (an air-dried beef), Fleischzentrum is a small business that’s serving the region with high-quality products. In comparison to larger, more industrial meat processing centers, Helbling and his colleagues still do much of their work by hand. They provide services for regional farmers, as well as local hunters.

Dried and cured meat specialties from Fleischzentrum Klosters Davos.
Salsiz, a dried salami from Graubünden, typically made with beef and pork.

You can purchase meat directly from Fleischzentrum’s meat processing plant in Klosters Davos. Or, you can find their products at retail shops in this area, including Spar Davos Dorf, Denner Klosters and Casana Markt Klosters Dorf.

Fleischzentrum Klosters Davos AG, Gulfiastrasse 38, 7252 Klosters Serneus, +41 (0)81 422 10 57,

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