Semaine du Goût: Marché Bio in Saignelégier

Every September, Switzerland celebrates Semaine du goût (“Week of taste”) with myriad food-related activities taking place throughout the country. I attended one of these events last weekend in Saignelégier. With a few days remaining, there’s still time to catch an event near you!

bio marche gourds

Semaine du goût

Since 2002, Switzerland has hosted an annual Semaine du goût that highlights regional food products and promotes sustainable practices related to health and the environment. Along with lots of opportunities to taste delicious foods, the event has an educational component as well—to teach people about traditional Swiss foods and nutritional eating habits, for example. This year, the Swiss city of Locarno in the Italian-speaking canton of Ticino was selected as the “Ville de Goût 2015.”

Marché Bio in Saignelégier

Near the French border, in the town of Saignelégier (known for its horse event in August each year), my family and I visited the 28th annual Marché Bio et Artisanat. It features a huge organic farmers’ market with local produce and lots of good fresh food. Thankfully, this year’s weather was better than the rain we had last year!

marche bio tarts
Fresh sweet and savory tarts for sale
bio marche exterior
Outside the Halle du Marché-Concours
bio march cider
Freshly pressed apple cider varieties

In addition to all the Semaine du goût activities this weekend, there’s also a huge Swiss local foods competition this weekend in Delémont: Concours Suisse des Produits du Terroir.

Updated: December 29, 2022

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