7 of My Favorite Swiss Mountain Restaurants

Above all, a perfect day for me in Switzerland includes a long hike and a relaxing meal at a mountain restaurant. Although I have many favorites, here are seven Swiss mountain restaurants over the years that I particularly enjoyed. More specifically, these include restaurants with excellent regional dishes, outstanding locations and historic architecture.

Tartelette au vin cuit and a cool glass of Rivella at the Chalet du Soldat.

1. Aescher guesthouse (Appenzell Innerrhoden)

Aescher – Gasthaus am Berg in the Swiss canton of Appenzell Innerrhoden.

While this list should not be considered a ranking of my favorite restaurants, I feel the need to start with the Aescher guesthouse because it is arguably one of the most famous. This is due to its featured position on the cover of National Geographic’s Destinations of a Lifetime (2015). As a result, the Aescher has become internationally recognized. In short, you really should add this to your bucket list.

Aescher – Gasthaus am Berg, 9057 Weissbad, +41 (0)71 799 11 42, info@aescher.ch

2. Alphütte Fops (Graubünden)

Alphütte Fops, situated at altitude of 1,886 meters (about 6,190 feet).

Located in the canton of Graubünden, Alphütte Fops offers traditional Swiss dishes on the menu in a spectacular setting. When dining outside, you can enjoy views of the alpine summits across the Lenzerheide valley. Specialties at this restaurant include Hüttentee (tea with a shot of rum) and gerstensuppe (barley soup). They also serve Fopserbrettli, a platter of regional cheese and dried meat specialties.

Alp Fops, 7078 Lenzerheide, +41 (0)78 797 08 06, alpfops@hotmail.de

3. Cabane des Violettes (Valais)

Cabane des Violettes. Photo credit: Stephen Moore.

Situated above Crans-Montana, the Cabane des Violettes is a mountain hut maintained by the Club Alpin Suisse. Like many mountain restaurants, it also offers overnight accommodations. I stayed there with three generations of my family back in 2018. During our time there, we had a wonderful cheese fondue while watching World Cup soccer.

Cabane des Violettes, Rue du Pas de l’Ours 41, 3963 Crans Montana, +41 (0)27 481 39 19, info@cabanedesviolettes.ch

4. Chalet du Soldat (Fribourg)

Chalet du Soldat in the canton of Fribourg.

As its name implies, Chalet du Soldat (soldat means soldier in French) is a former military outpost in Fribourg’s Pre-Alps. Subsequently reinvented as a mountain restaurant, it now welcomes guests for a nourishing meal or an overnight stay. Overall, with an outstanding view of the imposing Gastlosen massif and a menu featuring local specialties, it is definitely worth a visit!

Chalet du Soldat, +41 (0)26 929 82 35 or +41 (0)79 247 63 32, info@chaletdusoldat.ch

5. Bergrestaurant Wasserngrat (Bern)

Bergrestaurant Wasserngrat in the summer of 2020.

One beautiful summer day, I had the pleasure of dining at the Bergrestaurant Wasserngrat during a special event featuring Mike Wehrle, Culinary Director of the Bürgenstock Resort. During this event, 100 guests enjoyed a wonderful meal at this stunning location 1,920 meters (about 6,300 feet) above sea level. When not hosting guest chefs, the restaurant offers traditional Swiss dishes like rösti, fondue and meringues. To get there, you can hike up or take a chair lift from Gstaad.

Bergrestaurant Wasserngrat, +41 (0)33 744 96 22, info@wasserngrat.ch

6. Berghotel Seebenalp (St. Gallen)

Berghotel Seebenalp in the canton of St. Gallen.

On a quiet lake in the Flumserberg region sits a charming hotel with a sunny terrace restaurant. Built in 1906, the Berghotel Seebenalp has spectacular views from all directions. Years ago, a summer hike led me to this hidden gem. When you eat there, I recommend the Älplermaccaroni mit Apfelmus, a Swiss macaroni and cheese dish that contains chopped boiled potatoes and comes with applesauce.

Berghotel Seebenalp, 8884 Oberterzen, +41 (0)81 738 12 23, hotel.seebenalp@bluewin.ch

7. Ristoro San Romerio (Graubünden)

Polenta with lüganiga at Ristoro San Romerio.

Finally, I want to mention Ristoro San Romerio. This very special restaurant is located in the Italian-speaking region of Val Poschiavo. From Viano, it takes about two hours to hike there. Owned and operated by the same family for generations, it has a wonderful selection of Swiss Italian specialties on the menu. After you enjoy some polenta, for example, I recommend visiting the nearby San Romerio church. Remarkably, portions of this church date back to the 12th century.

Alpe San Romerio, 7743 Brusio, +41 (0)81 846 54 50, benvenuti@sanromerio.ch

The San Romerio church in Val Poschiavo, Switzerland.

So, what are your favorite Swiss mountain restaurants? Please leave a comment below or contact me with your favorites.

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