Sweet + Swiss Photo Shoot: Behind the Scenes

In the fall of 2021, I spent one week working with photographer Dorian Rollin and food stylist Camille Stoos to capture all the photos for my second cookbook together, Sweet + Swiss. In fact, this was the second time I had the chance to collaborate with this duo. We also worked together on my first cookbook, Swiss Bread. I’m so lucky!

Schlossgut Münchenwiler, the location of our photo shoot for Sweet + Swiss.

Here are some images to give you a sneak peek behind the scenes of our busy photo shoot. It took place at Schlossgut Münchenwiler in the Swiss canton of Bern. This property has two vacation apartments at this site managed by Ferien im Baudenkmal. Based in Zürich, this foundation is committed to the preservation of historic properties throughout Switzerland. I am forever grateful to this foundation for letting use the Schlossgut Münchenwiler as the backdrop for our photos.

Recipe 19 – Zimtfladen

With the days getting shorter in early November, we didn’t have a lot of natural light to work withespecially after a string of rainy, cloudy days. When the sun eventually did come out, we rushed outside and Dorian got some beautiful shots of the cinnamon-flavored Zimtfladen in the garden.

Photographer Dorian Rollin in action: shooting the Zimtfladen for Sweet + Swiss.
The result: The Zimtfladen photo that we used in the book. Photo credit: Dorian Rollin.

Recipe 5 – Petits pains à la confiture

I love working with Dorian and Camille because they have such a great sense of humor. Dorian shot this quick photo of Camille goofing around with the Petits pains à la confiture after we took the photo of them for the book.

Food Stylist Camille Stoos modeling the Petits pains à la confiture.
Before they were baked: Petits pains à la confiture. Photo credit: Dorian Rollin.

Recipe 13 – Gingerbread spice for the Lebkuchen

After the photo shoot, Dorian took this photo back at his home. To present some of the ingredients I use for my gingerbread spice recipe in the book, he used his grandmother’s old shovel! I love the resulting photo in the book, and it makes me smile knowing what’s behind it.

Dorian’s grandmother’s shovel served as the background for gingerbread spices.
Photo credit: Dorian Rollin.

Recipes 6 and 26: Schoggiweggli and Tarte aux Pruneaux

I brought my mixer from home to prepare all the recipes on location at the Schlossgut Münchenwiler. Back at my apartment in the evening, I would use my grandmother’s old mixer from the United States (with a voltage converter). It was a marathon week of baking and cooking, but we got it done!

Before… (my photos)

After… (Dorian’s photos styled by Camille)

Where to buy Sweet + Swiss:

  • You can purchase all three languages versions of Sweet + Swiss (English, French and German) via my publisher’s website: Helvetiq.
  • The English version is also available online with international shipping via Bergli Books.
  • In Switzerland, you can also find it at bookstores, such as Orell Füssli and Payot.
  • Sweet + Swiss will be coming to the US in January 2023. You can pre-order it now via Target, Barnes & Noble and Amazon, for example (as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases).
Good memories – In the garden at Schlossgut Münchenwiler in the fall of 2021.

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  1. Oooh c’était tellement bien ! Bravo Heddi pour ce magnifique travail ! J’espère que nous ferons encore des beaux livres ensemble ! Bisous 😘

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