Basel and Tanja Grandits: Starring Roles for Semaine du Goût 2022

Marraine du Goût, Tanja Grandits. Photo credit: Simon Kurt,

Tanja Grandits, one of Switzerland’s most well-known chefs, will serve as the Marraine du Goût for the Semaine du Goût 2022. As an ambassador for the 22nd edition of this nationwide event, she will represent Basel, selected as the Ville du Goût. The “Week of Taste,” a wide-ranging program of culinary events, will take place from September 15-25, 2022.

To officially announce her new role, Restaurant Stucki hosted a press conference followed by a three-course lunch. However, a recent Covid-19 diagnosis unfortunately prevented Grandits from attending.

Restaurant Stucki from Tanja Grandits in Basel, Switzerland.

Semaine du Goût & GenussStadt Basel

The Semaine du Goût works to promote the pleasure of eating. It focuses on local foods, artisanal methods, traditional dishes and sustainable practices. Each year, it develops a program of culinary events around the country during the month of September. These range from lectures, markets, hands-on workshops, shared dining experiences and more.

“Spices and aromatic herbs” was chosen as the principal theme for this year’s events. Tanja Grandits seems like a natural fit for this theme. “I’m always on the lookout for subtle new tastes and blends. So herbs and spices have always brought my cooking to life in a marvelous way,” she writes via her website.

In addition, with Basel selected as the “City of Taste,” the city will offer its own series of events beyond the 11 days designated for the Semaine du Goût. These events will take place between April and November 2022 as part of GenussStadt Basel. For example, you can attend a Slow Food Market in November, a Bakers’ Week in September and the Beer & Food Festival in May, along with many other events.

Lunch at Restaurant Stucki by Tanja Grandits

In honor of Basel’s selection as the Ville du Goût and Tanja Grandits as this year’s Marraine du Goût, Restaurant Stucki hosted a special lunch. She has been leading the kitchen at this restaurant in Basel since 2008.

Scallops with lemon salt and celery root.

Today, her restaurant has received two Michelin stars and 19 out of 20 GaultMillau points. Furthermore, GaultMillau honored her with the title of “Chef of the Year” twice, in 2014 and again 2020. Beyond her restaurant, she has also authored several best-selling cookbooks.

“Ich freue mich über jeden Anlass, der die Esskultur feiert. Deshalb bin ich sehr glücklich, zur Botschafterin gewählt worden zu sein. Die Basler Gastronomie verdient das Scheinwerferlicht!”

“I am pleased about any occasion that celebrates food culture. That’s why I’m very happy to have been chosen as an ambassador. Basel’s gastronomy deserves the spotlight!”

Tanja Grandits

Each dish at the lunch showcased monochromatic colors—a signature element of Grandits’ cuisine. Elegantly presented with spices and herbs, they reflect her culinary style as well as this year’s theme for the Semaine du Goût.

Veal shoulder, potato-tarragon purée and peas.
Lemon, cilantro ice cream and yogurt mousse.

For more information:

If you want to propose a culinary event for the Semaine du Goût 2022, you can submit your application online by May 15, 2022.

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