100% Valposchiavo Cuisine at the Historic Hotel Albrici

Inside the historic Hotel Albrici, a special wood-paneled dining room holds 12 oil paintings of mythical women known as Sibyls, ancient prophetesses.

A spinet piano from 1781 in the Hotel Albrici’s Room of Sybils.

Last summer, I attended a special Valposchiavo dinner in the remarkable “Vieux Salon des Sybilles.” Known for having 95 percent of its farmland certified organic by Bio Suisse, this Italian-speaking valley of Graubünden currently has 13 restaurants that have signed the “Charta 100% Valposchiavo.” By signing this charter, restaurants like the Hotel Albrici Ristorante have committed to serving at least three dishes made only with local ingredients.

Hotel Albrici, in the old town square of Poschiavo

Built in 1628 by Bernardo Massella, a former Mayor of Poschiavo, this grand Palazzo sits on the town square. Over the years, one of its most famous owners, the Baron de Bassus. He was a member of the Bavarian Illumaniti, a secret society from the Enlightenment period. It first became a hotel in 1848, and belongs to the national association of Swiss Historic Hotels. In January 2019, GaultMillau Schweiz named it as one of the 10 most beautiful historic hotels in Switzerland.

At the hotel’s restaurant, you’ll find local specialties like Crespelle, buckwheat crepes filled with local organic cheese and Capunets, little spinach and bread dumplings. The restaurant also has a wood-fired oven for its famous pizza, including one that’s 100% Valposchiavo. They make their pizza with three different types of dough: buckwheat, whole wheat and rye and aniseed (like the Brascidèla, a local ring bread).

The Room of Sybils can be reserved for private events

100% Valposchiavo Visit & Tasting

From May to October, on Tuesdays and Fridays at 5:30 p.m., Hotel Albrici hosts the 100% Valposchiavo visit and tasting. For CHF 16 per person, you can receive a tour of the hotel and taste some local culinary specialties. Please note: You must contact the hotel in advance to make a reservation for these visits.

Hotel Albrici, Via da Mez 18, 7742 Poschiavo, +41 (0)81 844 01 73, welcome@hotelabrici.ch

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  1. Such a beautiful hotel. I wish I could visit. Hopefully in the future, but for now thank you so much for letting us see it.

    • Thanks, David! It’s really a special place. The train ride alone down to this valley is amazing. It’s recognized by UNESCO.

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