Lausanne à Table Launches its Expanded 2018 Program with a Lakeside Soirée

With 50 culinary events planned for its seventh edition, Lausanne à Table shows no sign of slowing down. For 2018, the nonprofit association that promotes the Lausanne food scene has extended its program through the month of December. It has also added two new categories of events: culture—making connections with theater, film and music; and producers—linking consumers with culinary artisans. Whether a beer festival, an event for families or an exclusive dinner prepared by one of Lausanne’s Michelin-starred chefs, the program really has something for everyone.

Lausanne à Table’s 2018 Launch Party

As always, Lausanne à Table knows how to throw a party—with excellent food and good conversation. Highlighting local ingredients, restaurants and producers, the launch of its 2018 program took place this year on the shore of Lac Léman. The menu included delicious pôchouse (fish stew) prepared by Brasserie de Montbenon with fish from Pêcherie d’Ouchy. I especially enjoyed thesheep’s milk ice cream from La Brebisanne. The wine came from the Vins de Lausanne. The goal of this lakeside soirée was to give a taste of the events planned for 2018.

Pôchouse (fish stew) made with fresh fish and crayfish from Lac Léman.

Dozens of Exciting Culinary Events

At the launch party, Lausanne à Table’s committee members presented the new schedule of events for 2018. For this year’s edition, you will find returning old favorites, like the August 1st picnic and the Miam Festival (which replaced the Food Truck Festival in 2017). Anne-Sophie Pic will also be hosting her market at the Beau-Rivage Palace again, featuring some of her favorite local producers.

Member’s of the committee of Lausanne à Table. ©DigitalFlow

While La Grande Table des Lausannois is absent from the 2018 program—as organizers decided on a break after last year’s successful dinner at the Église Saint-François—new events have taken its place. For example, Tables Éphémères, offers fine dining experiences in unique settings throughout Lausanne, and Brunch “Ouchy Fête son Lac,” presents a festive outdoor brunch organized by Ouchy restaurateurs. In addition, the inaugural Battle Chasselas & Raclette, which was announced at the launch party by Jean-March Jacquod, Director of Sion Tourisme, is scheduled for November 22. This competition will give four former “Villes du Goût“—Geneva, Lausanne, Neuchâtel and Sion—the chance to see who has the best wine and cheese.

With such a fun, delicious and well-organized program of events, Lausanne à Table contributes to making this city a major culinary destination for residents and visitors alike.

Lausanne à Table began as a municipal program in 2012. It started when the city was selected as the “Ville du Goût” for Switzerland’s Semaine du Goût. Since that time, it has become an independent nonprofit association. It continues to receive financial support from the Ville de Lausanne. Today, its sponsors also include GastroVaud and Raiffeisen, among others. It currently has 170 members, including local restaurants, food producers, winemakers, breweries and more. Lausanne à Table estimates that it had approximately 50,000 participants at its events in 2017.

Updated: January 8, 2023

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