Chocolatissimo: Neuchâtel Hosts Annual Chocolate Festival

For its final event as the Ville du Goût 2017, Neuchâtel will celebrate its local chocolate and chocolatiers from November 4-12, 2017, during the 4th edition of Chocolatissimo

Swiss chocolate
Special chocolates, known as “Pilotis,” from Confiserie Walder in Neuchâtel, Switzerland.

With 10 participating chocolatiers, Neuchâtel will present the 4th edition of its annual chocolate celebration, Chocolatissimo from Saturday, November 4 to Sunday, November 12. This Swiss canton has a long history of chocolate-making, dating back to the Swiss chocolate pioneer, Philippe Suchard (1797-1884). This event helps to celebrate the rich heritage of chocolate in Neuchâtel, while also honoring current and future generations of chocolatiers. With a full line-up of events — some of which require advanced registration, and a few new attractions this year, it promises to be a sweet adventure for all ages.

Three New Chocolate Bars 

Each year, the participating chocolatiers prepare three new bars of chocolate that will officially be available to taste and purchase on the first day of the event at the Chalet Chocolatissimo (rue de l’Hôpital) and at each of the 10 shops. Here are the new flavors for Chocolatissimo 2017:

  • Orange et amande: Milk chocolate (36%) with orange and almond
  • Thé vert et Poivre du Sichaun: Dark chocolate (49%) with green tea and Sichuan pepper
  • Mocca pétillant: Milk chocolate (36%) flavored with coffee

These chocolate bars, or “plaques de chocolat,” are adorned with a bodybuilder — a photograph taken by Benoît Jeannet, who lives and works in Neuchâtel, and in collaboration with Atelier Karma, one of the partners of this year’s festival. You may ask why this muscular, tattooed man would be selected to publicize this year’s Chocolatissimo? It turns out that “plaques de chocolat” is an expression in French to describe toned abdominal muscles (sort of like how Americans call it a “six-pack,” after the way six canned beverages are packaged).

Chocolate bars for Chocolatissimo 2017 . Photo by Benoît Jeannet. Design by Atelier Karma. Credit: Ville de Neuchâtel.

New Activities for Chocolatissimo 2017

You will find several new activities and events planned for 2017. First, 10 of the chocolate bars — one from each chocolatier — have a gold vreneli (Swiss coin) hidden inside them. Each gold coin has a value of CHF 200. Also, check out the “App Chocolatissimo” (in French and German). It has the full program of events, as well as a “Rallye.” This 30-minute walking tour takes you to four chocolatiers located in Neuchâtel’s city center. The “Rallye” feature of the app will be available during the festival — from November 4 to 12, 2017.

“Pixel-Choc” – large, chocolate puzzles at Chocolatissimo 2016. Photo credit: Ville de Neuchâtel.

As in years past, Chocolatissimo 2017 will feature demonstrations, dégustations and workshops. Students from the Centre professionnel du Littoral neuchâtelois (CPLN) will also have their chocolate sculptures on display.

CPLN Student sculptures at Chocolatissimo 2016.

Please note: During Chocolatissimo, all the participating chocolatiers will offer 10 percent off their regular assortment of chocolate.

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Updated: January 3, 2023

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