Swiss Bread Book

Swiss Bread / Brot Huusgmacht / Pains Maison

Written in English and translated into German and French by Helvetiq, my Swiss Bread book has over 300 pages. Launched in Switzerland in October 2020, it’s become a bestseller.

What you’ll find in my Swiss Bread book:

  • 42 recipes for delicious Swiss breads from around the country and the stories behind them (who invented them, their history, my personal experiences and more).
  • Dozens of incredible images of my homemade breads from photographer Dorian Rollin with food styling by Camille Stoos.
  • Profiles of 5 artisanal Swiss bakeries from Switzerland’s different linguistic regions.
  • My bread-baking tips and tricks, including my favorite tools and an easy recipe for a sourdough starter.
  • Background information on Switzerland’s bread culture, flour types and more, such as where the oldest preserved bread was found.
Pains maison - Cuchaule
My recipe for Mini-Cuchaule using a poolish, inspired by a food tour in Fribourg.

Where to buy my book:

In Switzerland

Outside of Switzerland

1. Bergli Books – For the English version of my book, Bergli offers free shipping to Swiss addresses for purchases over CHF 30. Shipping costs CHF 10 worldwide.

2. Vachement Suisse: International shipping for hard copies of the book in English and French.

3. Via

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4. Book Depository (in German and English)

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Updated: September 15, 2021.