Pierrot Ayer: Switzerland’s Parrain du Goût 2023

The city of Fribourg, Switzerland, has been selected as the Ville du Goût 2023, and Chef Pierrot Ayer will serve as its “parrain” (godfather). The annual Semaine du Goût (week of taste) will not take place until September 14-24, 2023. However, you can start participating in a number of culinary events in in the bilingual city of Fribourg (French and German) from now until October.

Pierrot Ayer
Pierrot Ayer at his restaurant, Le Pérolles in Fribourg, Switzerland. Photo credit: Semaine du Goût.

The theme for the Semaine du Goût this year in schools, in collaboration with Fourchette Verte, focuses around roots — both literally, as in carrots, beets and potatoes, for example, and figurately, as in recognizing Switzerland’s culinary traditions.

The logo for this year’s Semaine du Goût, which focuses on a theme of “roots.” Source: Semaine du Goût.

If you would like to propose your own event during the Semaine du Goût, you can submit an application until May 15, 2023.

Chef Pierrot Ayer’s Restaurant Le Pérolles

Chef Pierre-André (Pierrot) Ayer has a long history of working in Fribourg. His support for local products comes through in his menus at his restaurant Le Pérolles, which features Fribourgeois specialties such as vin cuit and Vacherin Fribourgeois AOP.

In 2017, Pierrot Ayer closed his long-standing restaurant in Fribourg. Two years later he reopened his restaurant at its current location, Boulevard de Pérolles 1, and with a new concept. His business partners not only include his wife, Françoise, as in years past, but also their son, Julien. The family’s two-level establishment includes fine dining at Le Pérolles in the two-toned brick basement. Then, on the ground floor, you’ll find a café, bistro and gourmet market known as Le Petit Pérolles.

Le Pérolles is located in the lower level of a 7-story building designed by Swiss architect Mario Botta.

Fribourg – Switzerland’s Ville du Goût

The City of Fribourg has selected three primary themes for its culinary program as the Ville du Goût. They include the following: Les goûts de chez nous (tastes of home); De la terre à la table (from the ground to our table); and La santé est dans l’assiette (health is on the plate). You can find the complete list of scheduled events online. Events such as the Nuit des musées (May 13), Melting Popote (May 30), and Bénichon en ville (September 15) are already listed. More events will be added in the coming weeks and months.

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