2022 Michelin Stars for Switzerland

vegan carrot cake
Carrot Cake from Zineb Hattab’s at Restaurant KLE (Zürich), which earned its first Michelin star.

After a two-year pause due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Michelin Guide was back in Switzerland to announce its starred restaurants for 2022. For the first time ever, the announcement was held at the École hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL Hospitality Business School). Gwendal Poullennec, the International Director for the Michelin Guide, told the audience during the ceremony that the restaurant reviewers were impressed by the craftsmanship and innovative spirit in Switzerland. As a result, Switzerland achieved a record this year with its highest number of new entries to the Michelin Guide.

In all, the Michelin Guide now recommends an astounding 546 restaurants in Switzerland.

1 Michelin Star – 30 new restaurants (total of 109)

Among the new one-star restaurants is plant-based KLE in Zürich (ZH), led by Chef Zineb Hattab. This selection represents the first time a vegan restaurant has earned a Michelin star in Switzerland. Zineb’s Restaurant DAR, which opened in 2021, also picked up a Michelin Green Star for sustainable practices.

Brasserie Uno
Amuse-bouche prepared by Brasserie Uno, which earned its first Michelin star in 2022.

2 Michelin Stars – 5 new restaurants (total of 25)

Two of the new restaurants in this category are led by Chef Marco Campanella. His La Brezza restaurants in Arosa (GR) during the winter season and in Ascona (TI) during the summer season both earned two Michelin stars. The remaining three restaurants in this category include Roots in Basel (BS); Skin’s – the restaurant in Lenzburg (AG) and IGNIV Zürich by Andreas Caminada (ZH).

3 Michelin Stars – 1 new restaurant (total of 4)

The trio of Peter Knogl of Cheval Blanc in Basel (BS), Frank Giovannini of Restaurant de l’Hôtel de Ville in Crissier (VD) and Andreas Caminada of Schloss Schauenstein in Fürstenau (GR) all maintained their 3-Michelin star ranking. Joining them this year for the first time is Sven Wassmer of Memories in Bad Ragaz (SG).

Sven Wassmer
Sven Wassmer and the team from Memories, a new 3-Michelin star restaurant for Switzerland. Photo credit: Michelin Guide

34 new Bib Gourmand restaurants (total of 140)

This Bib Gourmand designation highlights restaurants with excellent cuisine at a more moderate price. This category presents a more diverse selection of restaurants in Switzerland, such as Swiss, Mediterranean, Japanese and more.

Michelin Green Stars for sustainable practices – 11 new restaurants
(total of 29):

  • Memories in Bad Ragaz (SG)
  • Du Bourg in Biel (BE)
  • La Pinte des Mosettes in Cerniat (FR)
  • OZ in Fürstenau (GR)
  • Schloss Wartegg in Rorschacherberg (SG)
  • Die Rose in Rüschlikon (ZH)
  • Helvetia in Sankt Gallen (SG)
  • Heiden in Weid (AR)
  • Brasserie Uno in Zermatt (VS)
  • DAR in Zürich (ZH)
  • f39 restaurant in Zürich (ZH)

Additional awards presented at the ceremony include the following:

  • Mentor Chef Award: Peter Knogl, Cheval Blanc in Basel (BS)
  • Young Chef Award: Manuel Stagmeier, Fahr in Künten-Sulz (AG)
  • Sommelier Award: Julie Meurillon, La Teinturerie in Delémont (JU)
  • Service Award: Ines Triebenbacher, IGNIV Zürich by Andreas Caminada (ZH)

Michelin Guide Online

You can see a list of all the restaurants included in the guide for Switzerland via the Michelin website. Also, you can find these restaurants through the Michelin Guide’s free app.

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