Sweet + Swiss: Introducing My Second Cookbook

My second cookbook, Sweet + Swiss (September 2022), presents a collection of my favorite desserts from Switzerland. Altogether, you’ll find 45 recipes for cakes, pastries, tarts, cookies, puddings and more. I am thrilled to finally share this book with you! Published by Helvetiq, it’s available in English, French and German.

Brönnti Creme
Brönnti Creme with a slight American twist. Photo credit: Dorian Rollin.

Photo Shoot at Schlossgut Münchenwiler

As with my Swiss Bread book, I had the pleasure of working again with photographer Dorian Rollin and food stylist Camille Stoos on Sweet + Swiss. Our photo shoot took place at Schlossgut Münchenwiler in the Swiss canton of Bern. I’m grateful to Ferien im Baudenkmal, the foundation that manages this historic property, for letting us use it as the backdrop for my sweet recipes in the book.

Schlossgut Münchenwiler
Schlossgut Münchenwiler, the site of two vacation apartments managed by Ferien im Baudenkmal.

What You’ll Find in Sweet + Swiss

My book contains desserts known throughout Switzerland, such as the Tuorta da Nuschs (Bündner Nusstorte) and Meringues. At the same time, I want you to discover sweet recipes that you may never have heard of before. For example, Crèfli biscuits, the Flon de Savièse fruit tart or the layered Merishauser Bienenstich may be new to you? There are recipes for breakfast and brunch, snack time and dessert. They come from all across the country, representing all four of Switzerland’s linguistic regions (German, French, Italian and Romansh).

I developed these recipes with home cooks in mind. Some can be thrown together quickly, like the Drusenzelte, while others have several steps, like the Solothurnerli. Each has been independently tested, with ingredients expressed in weight (grams) and volume (ml, cups, teaspoons and tablespoons).

Carac, one of my absolute favorite Swiss desserts.

Sweet Recipes from 5 Restaurants

In Swiss Bread, I profiled five artisanal bakeries located in each of Switzerland’s linguistic regions. For Sweet + Swiss, I decide to focus on restaurants, selecting five from across the country. Through their stories, I want to take you on a culinary journey of Switzerland, from an alpine hotel to a Michelin-starred dining room to an island grotto. Their chefs each generously agreed to share one of their recipes with me! I’m so happy to include their desserts and stories in my book.

Hotel-Restaurant Capricorns
Hotel-Restaurant Capricorns in Wergenstein, Switzerland

Where to buy Sweet + Swiss

  • You can buy it directly online via my publisher’s website: Helvetiq.
  • In Switzerland, it’s available at bookstores, such as Orell Füssli and Payot.
  • Sweet + Swiss will be coming to the US in 2023. You can pre-order it now via Target, Barnes & Noble and more.

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