Schaffhauserzungen – Sweet Biscuit Sandwiches from Schaffhausen

The Swiss city of Schaffhausen, located in the canton that goes by the same name, is where you’ll find the famous Rhine Falls. When you go see the falls, I recommend stopping at Confiserie Reber, where you’ll find a beloved local specialty, Schaffhauserzungen. These tasty biscuit sandwiches with a smooth cream filling appear in the directory of Switzerland’s Culinary Heritage.

The biscuits for these sweet sandwiches do not contain any flour–only ground, roasted hazelnuts and almonds with egg whites and sugar. According to the local legend, the Schaffhauserzungen were invented as the result of a baking error. Instead of throwing out the mistake, they created a little biscuit sandwich with a cream filling. Confiserie Reber has been making them since 1896. Today, they come in two sizes–the original and the bite-size versions known as “Les Petites.”

Since 1902, Confiserie Reber has remained the only company authorized to make Schaffhauserzungen in Switzerland. Their name means “Schaffhauser tongues.” I’ve read three different theories about this name. First, the oval shape and size of the biscuits (about 6 x 10 cm) resembles the shape of a tongue. Another reason? When you eat it, the tender biscuit almost melts on your tongue. Finally, one of the current owners, Laurent Perriraz, told 20 Minuten in 2016 that it’s because people lick the filling out of the Schaffhauserzungen first and save the biscuits for last (sort of like an American Oreo cookie).

Where to buy Schaffhauserzungen:

If you want to try the Schaffhauserzungen, you can purchase these tasty biscuits at one of Confiserie Reber’s two locations in Schaffhausen. Or, they can also ship worldwide.

Main shop and café: Confiserie Reber, Vordergasse 21, CH-8200 Schaffhausen, +41 (0)52 625 41 71,

Branch location at the main train station in Schaffhausen:
+41 (0)52 625 41 00


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  1. Those look good. We didn’t get quite that far on our recent holiday (we were in Alsace and Baden), but if we’d had more time the Rhine Falls were on my list of places to take a look at. I haven’t been there since I was a child back in the 1960s…

    • Hi Stella! We really enjoyed these cookies. Alsace and Baden are lovely – two places I would like to spend more time in. The Rhine Falls were quite impressive! I’m glad we finally made it there. Next time you’re in Schaffhausen, make sure to check out Confiserie Reber. Best wishes, -Heddi

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