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From my cooking class with Chef Anita Lalubie at Les Laboratoires Culinaires in Neuchâtel

A friend recently suggested that we sign up for a class offered by a new cooking school in Neuchâtel, Les Laboratoires Culinaires. The topic? Learning how to make a Bûche de Noël (a.k.a., yule log) sans gluten and sans lactose. Our instructor? The talented Chef Anita Lalubie, known for her work on the popular Suisse Romande television program about cooking, al dente. I had always wanted to make a Bûche de Noël, so I gladly enrolled in the class.

If you are interested in taking a cooking class in Switzerland, here’s a quick summary of my experience at Les Laboratoires Culinaires, along with a list of other Swiss cooking schools that you might consider.

Les Laboratoires Culinaires: A New Cooking School in Neuchâtel

Started by two friends who love to cook, Les Laboratoires Culinaires just opened this fall with their first class on Halloween night—Bouche à bûche par Anita Lalubie (cost, CHF 159). I was thrilled to be there, but honestly felt a bit nervous when I arrived. Cooking by myself at home is one thing. Cooking in front of others and revealing my culinary inadequacies is something else!

Once I arrived at the professional kitchen at the OKA meeting room, however, and introduced myself to Inga and Laetitia—the co-founders of Les Laboratoires Culinaires—I felt much more at ease. They started this école de cuisine, in part, to feed their own passion for cooking, and one of their goals is to help connect culinary enthusiasts with great chefs. For example, Chef Stéphane Décotterd of the 2-Michelin star restaurant Le Pont d Brent, taught a course earlier this month about preparing a “Menu du fêtes.” The courses are taught in French and designed for a range of abilities. You will also find cooking workshops for children and courses for beginners—like the “I Kiss Better Than I Cook” series, as well as courses for skilled home cooks.


At the very first class offered by Les Laboratoires Culinaires (that’s me in the floral blouse!).

The course I signed up for took place in the evening, like most of their courses, and it lasted for three hours. I wondered how they could keep us engaged for that length of time, but I was so busy cooking that I didn’t check my watch until everything was nearly finished. Chef Lalubie was very warm and friendly, and she supported us throughout the class when we had questions or needed some extra help. I also enjoyed meeting the other participants in the class, and we worked well together as a team to prepare the different phases of the recipe.

In the end, our two groups within the class made two Bûche de Noël that both used a chocolate fondant base, a diced apple filling and meringue topping—except one had crème de citron and the other had mousseline de marrons (chestnut mousse). Both were delicious—sweet, delicate and with nice flavor combinations—but the chestnut and chocolate one was my favorite. I left with copies of both recipes and look forward to making them for my family at Christmas!

Les Laboratoires Culinaires, OKA meeting room, 5, av. de Bellevaux, Neuchâtel, courses starting at CHF 129.

Cooking Schools in Switzerland: For Beginners and Amateurs

Want to brush up on your culinary skills before the holiday season? Or, maybe a gift certificate for a class like the one I attended at Les Laboratoires Culinaires would make a good present for someone? If so, here’s a list of cooking schools in Switzerland you can choose from, depending on your location, interests and language preferences. Many of these have a regular schedule of courses, and/or you can organize private workshops or team-building activities for varying numbers of participants. You can follow the links below to contact the schools directly for more information.

Have you taken a cooking class in Switzerland recently? Where did you go, and how was it? If there’s a cooking school you think should be added to my list, please leave a comment below or send me an email. Thanks!

Updated: December 12, 2017

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    • I love chestnut desserts, especially when they’re paired with chocolate! I’ve been learning lots from these classes. Need to take some more.

  1. Cooking classes — so much fun and so helpful! A topic I’ve been meaning to explore too, but you got the jump on me… Thanks for the reminder and for getting the ball rolling!

    • I was inspired by our classes at the Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne! Then, my friend suggested we take this course together with Les Laboratoires Culinaires. Now I’m hooked! There’s always something new to learn. Look forward to hearing more about cooking classes in Geneva!

  2. Hello…Your write up is just what i was looking for .I will be travelling from to Lucerne from 20th May to 28th May. Would you have any recommendations for any cooking class in English during my trip . It would be interesting to get a feel of any local cuisine .

    Thank you

    • Hi Stacy! Les Laboratoires Culinaires will offer a cooking course in February 2019 in English, but most of their courses are in French. Others in English include the Alimentarium, Sherly’s Kitchen, Hiltl Akademie, Beau Rivage in Geneva and Laughing Lemon. Those are the ones I’m sure of, and the others I recommend you check with the individual schools. Hope this helps get you started. Good luck! -Heddi

    • Hello Yuan! Your website looks amazing. Thanks for letting me know about your cooking school. I’ve already heard about Indulge, so it’s exciting to see that you’ll be offering classes as well. Best wishes from Suisse Romande. -Heddi

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