La Semaine du Goût 2018 – Switzerland’s Week of Taste

La Semaine du Goût (French) / Die Genusswoche (German) / La Settimana del Gusto (Italian) – The 18th edition of Switzerland’s “Week of Taste” starts in mid-September. Here’s all the key information you need for this year’s event:

Semaine du Goût

When: September 13-23, 2018

What: Since 2001, Switzerland has hosted an annual Semaine du Goût that highlights regional food products and promotes sustainable practices related to health and the environment, particularly for younger generations. You can attend different events during the “Week of Taste,” like special meals, markets and workshops. Along with many opportunities to taste and learn about delicious Swiss foods, this event has an educational component as well, such as increasing awareness of traditional foods and nutritional eating habits.

Where: In locations throughout Switzerland. You can look up the various events by canton or municipality via

Ville du Goût: Lugano, the capital of the Italian-speaking canton of Ticino, has been selected as the Ville du Goût 2018. A diverse line-up of events have been planned. For example, you can visit some wine cellars, attend a cheese market or participate in a workshop with the well-known local chef and author, Meret Bissegger.

Parrain du Goût: Journalist and writer Dominik Flammer will serve as this year’s Parrain du Goût, a role something like a grand marshal or “godfather” for the event, who represents the city selected as the Ville du Goût. He is well-known in Switzerland for authoring a series of books about Das kulinarische Erbe der Alpen. On September 14, you can see Flammer give a talk on the culinary heritage of the Alps in Lugano.

The magazine: You can download the 100-page magazine for this year’s Semaine du Goût, which also contains the full list of events.

For more informationFondation pour la promotion du Goût, Av. Dapples 21 / CP 99, 1001 Lausanne, +41 (0)21 601 58 03,