7 Swiss Cheeses

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There are more than 450 different types of cheese in Switzerland.


1. Glarner Alpkäse

Glarner Alpkäse is a full-fat, semi-hard cheese that contains raw cows’ milk.

Facts: Swiss Cheese

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01 Over 40% of Swiss milk is used to produce cheese.

02 To produce 1 kg of cheese, it takes about 10 liters of milk.

03 Annual cheese consumption in Switzerland is approx. 22kg per capita.

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Green Cutlery

A creamy, semi-hard cheese made with cow’s milk in the Swiss canton of Fribourg.

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4. Schabziger

This Swiss cheese with a light green color is also from the canton of Glarus. Its unique color and flavor comes from Blue Fenugreek. 

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5. Tête de Moine

A semi-hard Swiss cheese made from raw cow’s milk. In English, Tête de Moine literally means “monk’s head.” You can scrape this cheese into little florets with a special tool called a "Girolle." 

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Made from raw, full-fat cow’s milk, Urner Alpkäse is a semi-hard alpine cheese. 

7. Sbrinz

A very hard cheese that’s been in Switzerland since the 16th century. Sbrinz has a taste and texture similar to Parmesan, but unlike its Italian cousin, Sbrinz is a full-fat cheese.

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