7 swiss candies you should try

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Swiss candy

Switzerland has a number of traditional candies. Not surprisingly, many include chocolate, but you will also find candies that include fruit, nuts and more.

In no particular order, here are seven candies from Switzerland you should try.

1. Sugus

The Swiss chocolate company, Suchard, introduced Sugus to Switzerland in the 1930s.

The crisp, biscuit shell of a Bouchon Vaudois contains egg whites, sugar, grated almonds and flour.

A classic hard candy, these cola-flavored frogs brings back childhood memories for many people.

5. Appenzeller       Nidelzeltli

A hard caramel candy known as nidelzeltli comes from Appenzell. These little candies contain sweetened condensed milk, sugar, glucose syrup and cream.

6. Batz Neuchâtelois

This chocolate specialty gets its name from an ancient form of currency in the Neuchâtel region.

7. Mässmogge

The colorful Mässmogge has a hard candy shell and a hazelnut paste filling. In Basel, these candies are popular during the autumn festival, known as the Basler Herbstmesse.