7 Swiss Desserts  You Should Try

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Switzerland has numerous regional desserts made with fruit, nuts, chocolate, dairy products, local spirits and more.

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Author: Heddi Nieuwsma Photos: Dorian Rollin

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1. Carac

Sweet chocolate ganache-filled tarts topped with green icing and a chocolate dot.

2. Griessauflauf     with Cherries

A gently sweetened baked semolina pudding with cherries from the Swiss canton of Zug.

3. Brönnti Crème

A sweet "burnt cream" pudding with an American butterscotch twist.

4. Cholermüs

A chopped pancake from the Swiss canton of Obwalden traditionally served with applesauce.

5. Spitzbuben

Also known as Miroirs, these sandwich cookies are filled with a fruit jam.

6. Meringues

A classic Swiss dessert, meringues are often served with a rich double cream.

7. Pane dei Morti

"Berad of the dead" from Ticino typically contain nuts, dried fruit and chocolate.

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