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7 sausages you should try in switzerland

Switzerland  has a number of traditional sausages.

Swiss food

many sausages can only be found in the region where they're made.

1. Cervelat

Switzerland's national sausage

A short and stubby boiled sausage made with beef and smoked pork, Cervelat is especially popular in the summer, cooked over a fire.

2. st. galler bratwurst

Veal sausage with milk

This boiled bratwurst from St. Gallen contains veal and pork. It has a white color, in part, because it includes milk as one of its ingredients. The traditional accompaniment for this sausage? A St.-Galler-Bürli bread roll.

3. saucisson NEUCHÂtelois

swiss sausages

A smoked pork sausage made with lean meat (two-thirds) and bacon (one-third). Cow intestines serve as its casing. Sausages with an IGP label are only made in the canton of Neuchâtel.

swiss sausages

4. appenzeller      siedwurst

A boiled sausage made from beef, pork and bacon and seasoned with caraway, pepper, salt and garlic. 

Swiss sausages

5. boutefas

A smoked pork sausage from the canton of Vaud. Its fat, asymmetrical shape comes from the form of its natural casing, a pouch known as the cecum.

6. saucisse       aux choux

Swiss sausages

According to a Swiss legend, this sausage dates back to 879 when a German emperor visited Vaud. Without enough meat to serve their distinguished guest, the locals added some cabbage to the sausage.

swiss sausages

7. saucisse d'ajoie

From the Jura canton, this smoked pork sausage is seasoned with cumin. Producers will also sometimes add nutmeg or red wine.

The process of smoking sausages in this region dates back centuries, but the name given to this particular meat product comes from the 1920s.