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Swiss Cuisine

Switzerland has a rich culinary heritage with French, German and Italian influences. Each region has its specialties worth discovering.

1. Cheese Fondue

One of the most typical fondues is known as "Moité-Motié," made with 50% Gruyère and 50% Vacherin Fribourgeois.

2. Zopf 

Found throughout the country, this braided bread is especially popular on Sundays. This two-stranded braid is also known as Tresse (French) and Treccia (Italian). 

3. Älplermagronen

This Swiss-style macaroni & cheese often contains diced, boiled potatoes. It's commonly served with applesauce.

4. Raclette

Raclette is a type of cheese. It also refers to a dish of boiled potatoes served with this melted cheese. Traditionally, a half-wheel is heated and then scraped onto your plate to serve.

5. Torta di Pane

Ticino's "bread cake" combines stale bread with nuts, dried fruit and cocoa powder or chocolate  and more for a sweet baked treat.

6. Rösti

Rösti resembles American hash browns. Grated potatoes (often boiled first) are fried like a pancake, and browned on both sides, making them crisp and tender at the same time.

7. Cervelat

Considered Switzerland's national sausage, it's is especially popular during the summer months, grilled  or cooked over a fire.

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