7 foods to try  in the canton  of ticino


Switzerland's Italian-speaking canton

1. risotto

Rice for risotto is grown in the canton of Ticino. Many variations exist in how its prepared. With mushrooms, saffron or Merlot wine, for example. 

2. polenta

Traditionally cooked over an open fire, polenta is a staple food from this region.

3. nocino

A walnut-flavored liqueur  with a dark brown hue.

4. torta di pane

A rich cake made with stale bread, cocoa powder, dried fruit and pine nuts.

A Slow Food Presidi product, Zincarlin is a raw cow's milk cheese. It has a special shape that looks like an inverted cup. It's made in Ticino's Valle di Muggio region.

5. Zincarlin

A yeasted dough studded with fruit, the PanetTone is especially popular during the Christmas season. In Ticino, however, you can find it throughout the year. 

6. paneTtone

7. pane dei morti

With a name that means "bread of the dead," Pane dei Morti appear in Ticino during the autumn season. More specifically, bakers prepare it for November 1 and 2, for All Saints' Day and All Souls' Day, respectively.