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5 Traditional Foods from Bern

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Interested in culinary travel advice for Bern? 

Here's a list of  5 traditional foods  found in this Swiss canton.

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1. Berner Haselnusslebkuchen

A hazelnut gingerbread that resembles marzipan.

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2. Berner Zungenwurst

Its name implies tongue (“zungen”) as one of its ingredients, but it actually contains a mix of beef, pork and bacon.

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Crisp, crunchy meringues are  found in several regions of Switzerland, including Bern. 

3. meringues

Meiringen, Switzerland, is considered by some to be the birthplace of the meringues.

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4. Berner Züpfe

Switzerland's traditional braided loaf of bread is most often enjoyed on Sundays.

5. emmentaler 

Emmentaler cheese originated in the Swiss canton of Bern. Its name comes from the Emme valley (“tal”) where cheesemakers first started producing it hundreds of years ago.

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The versatile Emmentaler with its faint yellow color has a slight nutty flavor.

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