Swiss Easter Recipes

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If you’re looking for some Swiss baking inspiration for Easter, here are five sweet recipes from Switzerland for you.

1. Carrot Cake

The Aargauer Rueblitorte is a Swiss carrot cake from the canton of Aargau that I make with an American-style cream cheese frosting.

My Swiss carrot cake recipe can be made gluten-free. In Switzerland, they often top these cakes with marzipan carrots.

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Known as Zopfhasen on the German-speaking side of Switzerland, these Swiss bread bunnies are popular at Easter.

2. Zopfhasen

While not a typical Easter recipe, this festive cake uses a very Swiss ingredient: absinthe.

3. Absinthe Bundt Cake

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Photo credit: Bilderküche by Marco Zaugg

These Swiss tarts for Easter generally contain either rice or semolina. Raisins are also optional.

4. Osterfladen

My recipe for Osterfladen calls for semolina, ground almonds and a thin layer of jam.

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The Swiss canton of Neuchâtel has its own special bread for Easter, known simply as Pain de Pâques (Easter bread).

5. Pain de Pâques

Want more Swiss recipes?

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Check out these Swiss cookbooks (Amazon affiliate links).

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