Recipe: Bánh Mì-Style Sandwich with Saucisse d’Ajoie

Inspired by the Vietnamese sandwich known as Bánh Mì, here is a recipe for a reinvented version that uses a sausage from the Jura canton: Saucisse d’Ajoie. Made with pork, beef and cumin seeds, this smoked sausage replaces the roast pork and pâté (head cheese) that typically make up a Bánh Mì. Filled with crunchy vegetables and full of flavor, this sandwich offers a new way to enjoy a traditional Swiss sausage.

The name, Saucisse d’Ajoie, came about in the 1920s in Switzerland, but this sausage dates back to at least the 19th century. Ajoie refers to the historic region that generally corresponds with the district of Porrentruy. You will find this sausage served throughout the year, and especially during the feast of Saint-Martin, which takes place in the fall.

Saucisse d'Ajoie

Saucisse d’Ajoie. Photo credit: Association suisse des AOP-IGP

Switzerland’s Saucisse d’Ajoie has received an IGP (indication géographique protégée) designation from the federal government. In May 2018, the 10 butchers in Porrentruy, Switzerland who produce this sausage hosted the first-ever Journée de la Saucissed’Ajoie IGP. As part of this celebration, they introduced a new concept for this sausage. Served in a “Baguette ajoulote,” it’s reminiscent of an American hot dog. With this in mind, I decided to take this concept one step further with the recipe below, which borrows from the ingredients used in a Bánh Mì. 

Croquante d’Ajoie, a thinner version of the sausage that’s good for grilling

Bánh Mì with Saucisse d'Ajoie

Recipe influenced by the article, “The Right Way to Make a Classic Bánh Mì Sandwich,”


  • baguette
  • mayonnaise 
  • saucisse d’Ajoie, cooked
  • carrots, grated
  • daikon (radis bière), grated
  • cucumber pickles*
  • fresh mint
  • fresh cilantro (i.e. coriander)
  • Sriracha, sweet chili sauce or your favorite hot sauce


  1. Slice open the baguette and spread one side of the sandwich with mayonnaise.
  2. Place the rest of the ingredients in the sandwich, and finally add the Sriracha or another type of sauce before serving.

*One small cucumber sliced very thin (with a mandoline, for example) and tossed with 4 tablespoons rice vinegar and a half teaspoon of sugar. Refrigerate for at least 30 minutes. Based on a recipe from Migros Migusto.

Updated: May 16, 2019

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