Mövenpick Wein’s 20/20 Restaurant: A New Concept

2020 by Mövenpick Wein Restaurant

The renovated dining room at the 20/20 Restaurant in Zurich. Photo courtesy of Mövenpick Switzerland.

You may already be familiar with the Mövenpick Wein-Bar on Nüschelerstrasse in Zürich, but did you also know there’s a cozy restaurant upstairs at the same location? With pine wood paneling throughout the dining room, the 20/20 Restaurant  — also owned and operated by Mövenpick Wein — recently reopened with a renovated interior and a new concept focused entirely around wine. I recently visited this restaurant to learn more about its updated menu and an impressive selection of 500 wines.

The Wine – Typically at a restaurant, you choose your food off the menu first, and then you select a wine to accompany your food, right? At the 20/20 Restaurant, patrons are encouraged to select their wine first. Then, the menu and the wait staff can assist as needed to provide recommendations for individual dishes to accompany the wine.

To help you make your selection, the restaurant has a round table filled with open bottles of wine that you can sample, to determine which you would like to order. Unlike many other restaurants, most of the wines listed on the menu may be ordered by the glass. For CHF 33, you can have your choice of 3 glasses of wine, and CHF 49 for 5 glasses, for pairing with individual courses.

2020 by Mövenpick Wein Restaurant

Wine tasting table – sample first, and then order what you like. Photo courtesy of Mövenpick Switzerland.

When I visited the restaurant, I sampled several different wines, and enjoyed having the chance to ask questions of the knowledgeable and friendly staff. Two wines, in particular, stood out for me that evening. One was a Spanish red wine — Unico Gran Reserva from Tempos Vega Sicilia. This wine included three different vintages in the same bottle — 1994, 1996 and 2000. Typically running about CHF 400 for a bottle, it had a unique and full-bodied flavor, but didn’t actually produce the fireworks I was expecting when I tried it. However, a 2008 French Riesling from Hugel & Fils was an unexpected and pleasant surprise for me, which costs CHF 62 per bottle. I usually don’t like Riesling, but I thought this version had a more complex flavor far beyond just being sweet. It has convinced me to keep a more open mind about Rieslings in the future!

The Food – To accompany our wine selections, Chef David Klocksin served a delicious line-up of creative appetizers for us — “ice cream cones” with beef tartare and ceviche, cinnamon macarons filled with a smooth carrot puree, crispy wontons with stewed oxtail and more. Before leading the kitchen at the 20/20 Restaurant, this chef worked most recently at the Panorama Resort & Spa in Feusisberg, and prior to that, at the Victoria-Jungfrau Grand Hotel & Spa in Interlaken.


Creative and delicious appetizers from Chef David Klocksin at the 20/20 Restaurant.

Chef David Klocksin’s menu at the 20/20 Restaurant can include Swiss classics, like Zürcher Geschnetzeltes — a veal ragout with cream and mushrooms traditionally served with rösti, but you’ll also find dishes like eel and octopus seasoned with black lime and chili. If my experience is any indication, in addition to using high-quality ingredients, he also puts a strong emphasis on the presentation of his dishes. The appetizers we had were fun, fresh and inviting; one of my favorite parts of the evening was visiting the kitchen to see the dishes being made and plated.


With an extensive wine selection — both Swiss and international options, good food and a warm atmosphere just one block off the Bahnhofstrasse and less than a 15-minute walk from Zurich’s main station, I look forward to returning for an apéro, lunch or dinner at the 20/20 Restaurant some day soon!

20/20 Restaurant by Mövenpick Wein, Nüschelerstrasse 1, CH-8001 Zürich, Tel. 044 211 45 70.

Have you eaten at Mövenpick Wein’s 20/20 Restaurant recently? What was your experience? Please let me know by sharing a comment below or sending me an email. Thanks!

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